Why Paris Region?

For companies looking to invest or do business in France, the numbers prove the Paris Region’s status as an economic powerhouse: it has the highest GDP in the EU and is the #2 worldwide destination for international trade shows and conferences. The region is also an unparalleled European transit hub, with the busiest continental European airports and railway stations. With plenty of capital and clients, not to mention a diverse landscape of businesses and an excellent quality of life, the Paris Region is the best place to do business in Europe.


A business and innovation powerhouse

The highest GDP and most Fortune 500 company headquarters in Europe, a buzzing startup scene and a thriving research community: Discover why companies are choosing the Paris Region to grow their business.



Connected to Europe and the world

Located at the crossroads of Europe, companies based in the Paris Region can easily access a market of 500+ million customers and all major European cities. Businesses also benefit from one of the busiest airports that offers direct flights to more than 260 destinations around the world.



Innovative sectors

The Paris Region is home to an exceptional diversity of sectors. Companies across all industries will find a hub that gathers the major players in their area of business and research.



The right place to scale

Unlock your company’s potential by tapping into the Paris Region’s abundant capital, top talent, clients and accelerator programs.



A wealth of business cultures and lifestyles to choose from

The region is a constellation of diverse, specialized districts that make it a highly attractive location for a range of industries, research areas and lifestyles.