Smart City investment : a key to economic rebound

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, companies have had to show proof of great agility and act swiftly to lower the impacts of the pandemic on their business. If businesses are in a better place to make real-time decisions and speed-up internal processes, local authorities, on the other hand, have to handle a myriad of interconnected budgets. But as the potential of connected technologies continues to spread, an increasing number of municipalities across the globe, including pioneering regions such as Paris Region, are investing in their own implementations of the connected city vision. Paris Region Smart Services platform is one of those smart city tools and has already proved extremely useful to mitigate the impacts of the sanitary crisis.

Putting data at the centre of urban planning strategies

To overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19, Paris Region’s local authorities set-up a Smart Region Platform comprising several core functionalities. First, this platform acts as a data aggregator and analyser fed by private and public sources. Second, it acts as a 3D “digital twin” for the region allowing for a 3D modelling of current & future projects. Finally, it enables co-built services between local stakeholders and residents.

To put it in a nutshell, Paris Region’s 3D map is real-life tool which encompasses no less than 6,000 data sets covering the entire region (12,000 km2, 2.5 million buildings in Ile-de-France, infrastructure & networks, etc.). The data is aggregated from vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors (humidity, pollution, etc.) circulating in the streets. An invaluable tool and a first in France.

It is worth noting that even before the COVID-19 outbreak, smart city digital twins, open data and Citizen participation were already being considered in the context of disaster management. By and large, the pandemic acted as a catalyst to accelerating this type of data sets into crisis models.

Public-private-citizen models have played a key role in the crisis

To help connect suppliers and buyers during the crisis and shorten supply chains, Paris Region set-up a digital platform dedicated to shortening supply chains and accelerating the exchange of goods needed during the pandemic, especially in terms of medical equipment. This platform was set up that suppliers could advertise their products or services to the public and private sector. To date, 400 solutions have already been listed: 124 for businesses, 101 for citizens, and 73 for health players. The products available were mainly home-office solutions, Online Education, e-health and teleconsultation services, delivery, 3D printing, hydro-alcoholic gel, masks … The Region thus enabled the continuity of services and supplies by facilitating and securing the connection between buyers and suppliers. As a result, more than 6,000 orders were placed on the platform.

The following Smart Services are available on the platform Ile de France Smart Services and worth mentioning:

  • “My Solar Potential”, a service that will help determine if the implementation of solar panels on a roof is technically possible, economically viable and, where appropriate, to identify who can install the structure.
  • “Smart Work” which designed an interactive map of 2,022 smart workspaces
  • “Bike in Paris Region” with its cycling map that includes bicycle repairers, re-sellers or equipment manufacturers, available equipment such as parking lots, bicycle garages, free-access pumps, etc…and more.

More than connecting people and improving lives of Paris region citizens, this platform has shown the resilience of Paris Region and improved the lives of the Paris region people. As a catalyst for business innovation, Choose Paris Region is also there to help foreign companies assess the launch of new services and products on Paris Region’s market and help you “suss out” Paris Region’s world of opportunities.


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