« Bridging the NANO Gap » – Nanotronics and Nanovation’s partner initiative

Nanotechnologies are key enabling technologies in the modern world, which are transforming fields as varied as aerospace, industrial design, defence, healthcare, and genomics. Seizing the technological lead in nanotechnology will be crucial for a number of deep tech companies wishing to be competitive in a global economy. In addition, the market for nanotechnology products has a higher expected growth rate over the next few years than any other industry.

As nanotechnologies revolutionize world economies and societies, the field is rife with opportunity for cooperation not only on the national level, but also across the Atlantic. A good example of such collaborations is the recent partnership between Nanovation, a French company manufacturing oxide semiconductor wafers/devices, and Nanotronics, a U.S. based science technology company that has redefined factory control through the invention a platform that combines AI, automation, and sophisticated imaging to detect flaws and anomalies in the manufacturing process.

The CEOs of both companies met in Paris in July last year, a mere five days after Bastille Day and have, since then, merged efforts to advance their research.

Supported by Choose Paris Region, this cooperation led to the first installation of Nanotronics’ industrial inspection system, nSpec®, in Europe at Nanovation’s premises in August 2019. This collaboration allows both partners to extend their technical expertise in their respective areas. Thanks to this partnership, Nanovation is gaining access to a fully automated optical inspection system for analysing its high quality semi-conducting wafers and quantum devices. Nanotronics has a platform to demonstrate their technology in Europe, and more specifically, in the Paris-Saclay high-tech cluster.

With more than 5,300 researchers and 240 research laboratories working in Nanoscience and nanotechnologies, the Paris Region is booming with opportunities for start-ups and larger corporations to set up their business, gain access to a wide pool of trained researchers, and scale up. The Paris Region is home to world-class centres dedicated to the study of nanotechnologies such as Paris Saclay’s research centres.

Moving forward, Choose Paris Region will continue to foster and help develop synergies between French and foreign companies specializing in nanotechnologies. The potential created by nanotechnologies and the partnership between Nanotronics and Nanovation is only one example of the type of synergies that nanoscience can create.