Our Services

International Companies, welcome to the Paris Region! We offer personalized services to make your plans a reality

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Setting up your company
  • Recruiting top talent
  • Opening a bank account
  • Legal, fiscal and immigration advice
  • Finding your ideal real estate
  • Identifying financial partners, commercial and R&D partners
  • Relocating your international staff and their families
  • Housing research
  • Insurance
  • Administrative & immigration formalities
  • Education
  • Health care

We offer tailor-made solutions to help you achieve your specific business goals. Get in touch with our experts who will walk you through the process of doing business in the Paris Region, step by step.

Paris Region Starter Pack: A new financial solution for international companies

Are you a fast-growing, international SME interested in the Paris Region? You may be eligible for the Paris Region Starter Pack: a grant of up to 250,000€ to finance your development. This measure is for startups and fast-growing tech companies with 5 to 250 employees that have decided to create a subsidiary in the Paris Region. To qualify, companies must present a three-year growth strategy plan. This financial support will allow them to finance investments, recruitment, strategic consulting services, international development, patent filing, value chain optimization and digital/ecological transformation.

Innov’up Proto

Innov’up Proto supports prototype development for young innovative international companies wishing to set up in the Paris Region. Winners receive a maximum grant of €100,000, support from the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster and the option to exhibit their prototypes at Paris Region Smart Weeks in May 2019.

"The services of Paris Region Entreprises were decisive because they opened many doors for us, notably by accessing TechMeetings in Silicon Valley and, in Paris, through one-to-one business meetings organized with major French brands such as Etam and major French accounts: Engie, Air France and Carrefour. These relationships have accelerated our decision to expand in France by creating a subsidiary in the Paris Region, which will serve as a bridgehead for our development in Europe."

Matthieu Dejardins , Founder, NextUser

"The services of Paris Region Entreprises were invaluable for the recruitment of our teams. If I need to talk business and innovation in France, I know that Paris Region Enterprises is the competent partner in this field. We were lucky. Paris Region Entreprises even came to our launching event in the Paris Region. And we continue to work together for the future recruitment of our next collaborators."

Natalia Turkiewicz , Director, Business Development France of Wiredscore

"Paris Region Entreprises provided strong support for our search for office space in Paris, from the filing requests with real estate agencies to signing the contract! This support contributed to the success of our entry into the French market. We know how real estate projects play a key role in the development of the company and the implementation of its strategy. Paris Region Enterprises has been a true partner for Tastemade."

Derek Huoth , General Counsel, Tastemade France