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50% of all films shot in France happens in the Paris Region. The region is world-renowned for its creativity, technical expertise and talented industry professionals.

  1. 5,300 Audiovisual companies
  2. +130,000 jobs
  3. 2,500 filming locations
  4. €2,5M to support Audiovisual and Cinema in 2019

Paris Region, the birthplace of cinema

The first commercial, public screening of a motion picture in the world took place in Paris on December 28th, 1895 with the Lumiere brothers’ short films. Since then, Paris Region has always been a land of cinema with major movie companies still operating today such as Gaumont, Pathé, UGC, MK2.

Following the steps of Georges Melies who first popularized special effects, Animation and VFX are two areas were French talents excel with studios such as Mac Guff, Mimesis Republic, Mikros Image, Buf Compagnie, Neko-Entertainment…

The audiovisual industry is strong too with all major TV broadcasters and production companies HQed in Paris Region: TF1, France Television, Canal+, Mediawan, Newen, Lagardere studios, JLA Group, Tetra Media studio, federation entertainment…

French creatives have also established themselves on the Virtual Reality stage: Atlas V, Backlight studios, DV Group, Innerspace VR, Camera Lucida…

Home to Creative Talents

Skilled talents and highly trained crews contribute every year to the production of 250 features, as well as more than 4800 hours of television shows in France.

The Paris Region is home to world-class schools and universities training the next generation of media and entertainment professionals. La femis is one of the most famous cinema schools and trains students on the various disciplines of film: directing, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, editing, sound production, distribution etc. Other notable schools include Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis-Lumiere, Conservatoire Libre du Cinema francais, conservatoire europeen d’ecriture audiovisuelle (screenwriting), Ecole Georges Melies, ESRA, EICAR.

French talents in animation and VFx are internationally renowned. Every year, French graduates are massively hired by the most influential US animation studios. Les Gobelins is the number 1 animation school worldwide. Other schools include Isart Digital, ICAN, ESGI.

A Structured and Active Ecosystem: clusters, incubators & accelerators

Pole Media Grand Paris is the cluster dedicated to the audiovisual industry Paris Region. Its actions are directed toward financing, innovation, training, international expansion and the environmental responsibility (ECOPROD). It’s also active on the e-sport sector.

Cap Digital cluster aims at promoting the Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries and services, from an industrial as well as a strategic point of view. It gathers actors from technical industries, audiovisual, VFX, gaming, 3D, literature, music and Adtech.

LINCC by Paris&Co is the City of Paris’ platform dedicated to digital cultural and creative industries: EdTech, video games, digital publishing, digital press, 3D animation, music, audiovisual, radio, television, cinema, virtual reality…

At the gates of Paris, Commune Image is a “new generation” Film and Virtual Reality Factory. Hotspot for independent filmmaking, provided with a fully integrated postproduction lab. It hosts and facilitates a community of 40 creators (screenwriters, directors, producers, entrepreneurs, technicians, distributors and broadcasters).

104Factory, located within the art center CENQUATRE-PARIS is a business incubator for cultural and creative start-ups, allowing entrepreneurs to carry out on-site experimentations, in interaction with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS’ public and eco-system.

Tailored incentives for your projects

The Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP) can be granted to creative audiovisual projects that have a minimum spending of  € 250 000 of eligible expenses in France and, for a live action work, have at least 5 days of shooting in France. It can total a maximum of € 30 million by project. It applies to both animated and live-action projects, including TV and web-series and feature films. French-based VFX and post-production expenditures are eligible.

The Paris Region Fund for Audiovisual & Cinema is an advance funding granted selectively to European production companies. It can be granted to Feature-length films (60 min minimum) documentary, fiction or animation; and audiovisual works of more than 60 min, fiction, animation and documentary as well as fiction and animation series for the Web. The amount is defined according to the overall budget of the project and the expenses incurred in Paris Region. It is repayable by the company.

Many other tax provisions to support your business are available: R&D tax credit of 30%, innovation tax credit of 20% for SMEs, Young Innovative Company status etc.

Your Events in Paris Region

SATIS SCREEN4ALL [La Plaine-Saint-Denis] Nov 5-6, 2019 – the largest nationwide show dedicated to creation and technological innovation in media, entertainment, and audio-visual communication

VIRTUALITY [Paris] Nov 21-23, 2019 – a trade show dedicated to virtual reality and immersive technologies

NEWIMAGES [Paris] June 10-14, 2020 – the international festival of digital creation and virtual worlds and a XR Financing market

PARIS IMAGES TRADESHOW [Paris, Enghien-les-Bains] Jan-Feb – 4 events designed to promote the entire French audiovisual and film industry

SERIE SERIES [Fontainebleau] July – the meeting place for European series and their creators, designed by those who make them

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