Film, TV & Multimedia

90% of all French film and audiovisual production happens in the Paris Region. The region is world-renowned for its creativity, technical expertise and 250,000+ talented industry professionals specialized in areas such as animation, special effects and video games.

Well-known studios include: Ubisoft, Mac Guff, Gameloft, Mimesis Republic, Mikros Image, Buf Compagnie and Neko-Entertainment. These companies chose the Paris Region because of its vibrant industry culture, remarkable talent pool and ecosystem of small innovative start-ups and SMEs on the cutting edge of innovation.

The Paris Region is home to world-class schools and universities training the next generation of media and entertainment professionals, including: Gobelins, Isart Digital…

Empowering Innovators

  • 3,800 researchers work in the image industry in the Paris Region. The government has implemented special measures to support the animation and special effects sectors, as well as the video game industry (International Tax Credit, Video Games Tax Credit and Video Games Support Fund).
  • Cap Digital brings together industry players to promote competition and creativity. Its 700 members – SMEs, major groups, public-sector institutions, schools and universities – pool their knowledge and resources in order to develop unprecedented projects.
  • Capital Games gathers the region’s key stakeholders in the video game industry to support their export initiatives, funding proposals and joint R&D projects.

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