Paris Region is among Europe’s most important clean technology development regions. It has a clear energy efficiency saving framework and is focused on preserving biodiversity. Big industrial groups and SME’s, public and private R&D centers, Incubators and accelerators, marquee training establishments compose the cleantech landscape in Paris Region. This combination makes for a great business opportunity in Paris Region for testing innovative environmental solutions.

  1. 100% Renewable Energy and Zero Carbon by 2050
  2. 40% reduction in regional energy consumption.
  3. ZERO Waste Objectives
  4. 100 Green and innovative neighbourhoods
  5. 1st Energy Renovation Market in France with 864,000 households ranked poorly for performance and the oldest housing park (for 5.6 million at the national level)

Clear and Ambitious Energy Efficiency Framework!

With 20% of the national population, Paris Region accounts for 25% of energy consumption and imports more than 90% of its energy! Consequence: the annual energy bill of Paris Region amounts to nearly 25 billion euros

To succeed in its energy transition and catch up, the Paris Region will spend 150 million euros by 2021 to the development of renewable energies and 500 million euros by 2050.

The effort will be focused on the geothermal energy, waste recovery energy, solar photovoltaic, biomass, hydrogen, micro-hydropower sectors, etc.

The Paris Region Cleantech Capital Investment ecosystem is thriving!

Paris Region hosts a lot of VCs and corporates that invest in smart green start-ups. European cleantech investment into start-ups has more than doubled to $5.2 billion deployed over 566 deals in 2018. Paris Region Start-ups raised a total of $762 million over 49 deals. Paris Region is ranked number 2 in Europe for Cleantech investment behind London.

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Building cutting-edge solutions!

With a booming innovation scene, and a growing support ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, investors, research facilities and Universities; half of France’s environmentally friendly technology value chain is concentrated in the Paris Region. There are more than 300 public and private sector research facilities, 12,000+ researchers. French research capabilities are very strong in water, waste and renewable energy sources: 40% of French “green” patent applications originate in the Paris Region.

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