A rich quality of life

In addition to being a premier business destination, the Paris Region offers a remarkable quality of life.

The balance between a rich historical city center and the accessible green spaces, lakes and rivers that make up 75% of the region offers something for everyone. The region’s well-known and unrivaled cultural offering means that there’s always something happening, whether it be a new museum exhibition, performance or film.

Newcomers will also find a world-class education system with an ever increasing number of programs catering to the needs of international students and families. Today there are 156 international sections in 17 languages from preschool to high school. Epicureans will delight in the vibrant gastronomical scene that is leading the local and organic food movement.
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Another major advantage of living here is the highly developed and modern transportation infrastructure that connects the region to France, Europe and the world; including a rapid metro system, commuter rail, high-speed trains and three international airports. All of this comes much more affordably than other global cities, allowing people to build their professional and personal future here.