Why Paris Region?

A dynamic and forward-looking region

The Paris Region is a truly global region with a population of 12 million people. It accounts for 25% of France’s workforce, 29% of national GDP and 40% of the country’s researchers. More than 60% of residents are under the age of 40. This young and steadily growing population is not only attracted by the region’s economic opportunities but also by the quality of life offered. Indeed, economic and demographic indicators point to a bright future for the region’s development.

Recent economic, labor and fiscal reforms have made France and the Paris Region an even better place to do business, start and grow a company, and invest. Indeed, the Paris Region is one of the world’s premier startup cities, attracting international entrepreneurs and innovators to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem and take advantage of the exceptional quality of life.

1. A Business and innovation powerhouse

  • The highest GDP in Europe, access to 500 million European consumers
  • Consistently ranked by the World Bank among the top countries for ease of doing business; a top destination for foreign direct investment
  • Europe’s highest concentration of Fortune 500 corporations
  • #1 region for developing start-ups in Western Europe
  • #1 worldwide destination for corporate meetings
  • 100,000 researchers and the highest number of high-tech patents filed
  • Europe’s #1 region for R&D capability & expenditure
  • Most generous research tax credits in Europe

2. A smart, talented workforce

  • Large, well-educated, international workforce
  • Europe’s largest concentration of higher education students
  • World-class research universities and business schools

3. World-class infrastructure

Get where you’re going with 3 international airports, high-speed rail and an ever-expanding urban subway system thanks to the Grand Paris Express project:
– 2h15 to London; 1h25 to Brussels; 3h to Frankfurt; 4h10 to Amsterdam
– Grand Paris Express: the largest urban renewal project in Europe (120 miles of new track, 72 transit stations)

  1. 1h25 to Brussels
  2. 2h15 to London
  3. 3h to Frankfurt
  4. 4h10 to Amsterdam

4. Quality of life

There’s a reason that the Paris Region is the #1 destination on the planet: with 42 million visitors each year. The area is synonymous with arts, culture, gastronomy and history. The Region is also committed to improving the environment, preserving biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

5. Sectors of Excellence

The Paris Region is renowned for its highly diversified economic landscape and sectors of excellence, including biotechnology, nanotechnology, telecommunications, 3D animation, as well as the aerospace and automotive industries.

6. Renowned for R&D and innovation

Paris Region’s diversified economy is buzzing with top-ranked high-tech clusters and research centers. This unique landscape generates exciting opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. For example, combining IT and healthcare, or automotive and eco-technology. Six regional competitiveness clusters make up this dynamic ecosystem:

  • Mov’éo: designs and develops safer transport systems for people and the environment.
  • ASTech Paris Region: consolidates the region’s key players in aerospace, business aviation and propulsion systems. 
  • Medicen Paris Region: guides innovation in human healthcare toward industry, the market and the patient. 
  • Cap Digital Paris Region: facilitates connections between players in the digital economy and sustainable development. 
  • Systematic Paris Region: connects actors in software, digital and industry to promote collaborative innovation and accelerate projects. 
  • Finance Innovation: develops a leading European financial information platform and training hub.